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  • The Problems and Promise of Hospital Rankings: A Blog Series

    Not long ago, a large up-and-coming hospital hired a friend of Expertscape as the chief of its Gastroenterology Division. The hospital executives assigned him just one mission: improve the division’s standing in the annual US News & World Report rankings. You might react to this story with horror, approval, or... Read more

  • How to Find the Best Doctor for You

    Finding a doctor to take care of you can be a daunting task. If you have been diagnosed with a specific or serious medical condition, you may have been sent to a specialist by your usual doctor. Or maybe you just need an internist or a family physician to be... Read more

  • CoronaCurves - A Free Tool to Email Local Daily COVID Trends to You

    Many excellent data sources display COVID trends graphically, but often the volume and detail can be overwhelming. For those of us who aren’t scientists, public health officials, or epidemiologists, our information requirements are pretty simple for us to understand and manage our risk of infection. We need simple trend data.... Read more

  • Hospitals: For Referrals and US News Ranking, Use Twitter

    Twitter is a waste of time, the domain of internet trolls, and a social media free-for-all without filters or common courtesies. All true. But it is also a wellspring of great ideas, fulfilling conversations, collegial goodwill and, most importantly, a highly effective channel to increase physician referrals and elevate the... Read more

  • Optimizing US News Hospital Rankings: It's About Reputation

    Love them or hate them, the annual US News hospital rankings cannot be ignored. In many markets they not only define a hospital’s status among the public, but are also a performance metric driving bonuses in the hospital’s executive suite. If you guide a clinical department or academic medical center... Read more