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  • Ask the Expert: Suicide and Suicidology

    Expertscape interviews Prof. Maurizio Pompili about suicide and where the latest research is headed. He is Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at the Sapienza Università di Roma in Italy, where he also directs its suicide prevention service. His Twitter handle is @mauriziopompili. What do you consider to be the most... Read more

  • Ask the Expert: Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

    Expertscape interviews Dr. Matthias von Herrath about type 1 diabetes and where the latest research is headed. He is Professor at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Vice President in Novo Nordisk's Global Chief Medical Office. In simple terms, how should we be thinking about diabetes and its potential... Read more

  • How to Give a Medical History

    You walk into your doctor’s office. You really need to find out why that headache won’t go away. It could be a tumor right? Google said it could be a tumor. The doctor knocks, comes into the room and about 5 seconds later asks “so what brings you here today?”... Read more