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  • Ask the Expert: Kidney Disease and Its Treatment

    Expertscape is pleased to speak with Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, an Expertscape World Expert in numerous nephrology topics, and specifically in chronic renal failure. Dr. Kalantar-Zadeh is Chief of Nephrology, Hypertension and Kidney Transplantation at the University of California Irvine, School of Medicine. We discussed the latest advancements in the area... Read more

  • Ask the Expert: Aortic Disease and Its Treatment

    Expertscape is pleased to speak with Dr. Martin Czerny, an Expertscape World Expert in numerous cardiovascular medical and surgical topics, including the Thoracic Aorta. Dr. Czerny is APL Professor of Surgery at University Heart Center in Freiburg, Germany. Expertscape: What do you consider to be the most significant advancement in... Read more

  • Ask the Expert: Alzheimer Disease

    Expertscape is pleased to speak with Professor George Perry about Alzheimer Disease and what we can expect from the latest research. Professor Perry is the Semmes Foundation Distinguished University Chair in Neurobiology and the former Dean of the College of Sciences at the University of Texas at San Antonio. You... Read more

  • Ranking Best Hospitals and Best Doctors: Apples and Oranges, With a Hint of Centipedes

    Some hospitals are better than others. Some physicians are better than others. That’s obvious [1]. But let’s pretend it’s not. How do we prove that one hospital or one physician is better than others? That is more difficult than it may initially appear. This is true for several reasons: All... Read more

  • The Problems and Promise of Hospital Rankings: A Blog Series

    Not long ago, a large up-and-coming hospital hired a friend of Expertscape as the chief of its Gastroenterology Division. The hospital executives assigned him just one mission: improve the division’s standing in the annual US News & World Report rankings. You might react to this story with horror, approval, or... Read more