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  • The Problems and Promise of Hospital Rankings: A Blog Series

    Not long ago, a large up-and-coming hospital hired a friend of Expertscape as the chief of its Gastroenterology Division. The hospital executives assigned him just one mission: improve the division’s standing in the annual US News & World Report rankings. You might react to this story with horror, approval, or... Read more

  • How to Find the Best Doctor for You

    Finding a doctor to take care of you can be a daunting task. If you have been diagnosed with a specific or serious medical condition, you may have been sent to a specialist by your usual doctor. Or maybe you just need an internist or a family physician to be... Read more

  • Hospitals: For Referrals and US News Ranking, Use Twitter

    Twitter is a waste of time, the domain of internet trolls, and a social media free-for-all without filters or common courtesies. All true. But it is also a wellspring of great ideas, fulfilling conversations, collegial goodwill and, most importantly, a highly effective channel to increase physician referrals and elevate the... Read more

  • Optimizing US News Hospital Rankings: It's About Reputation

    Love them or hate them, the annual US News hospital rankings cannot be ignored. In many markets they not only define a hospital’s status among the public, but are also a performance metric driving bonuses in the hospital’s executive suite. If you guide a clinical department or academic medical center... Read more

  • New Features in 2020

    Expertscape has introduced some new features at the start of 2020: more topics, better coverage, new buttons, and updated date range. The site has updated to the 2020 MeSH vocabulary. As a result, we now assess expertise in 29,000+ biomedical topics. In addition to the appearance of new topics, a... Read more