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  • Expertise vs. Research Influence

    Is it better to make an important discovery or to know everything? Expertscape believes it’s the latter – “know everything” – because Expertscape measures expertise. But for all other prominent publication-ranking system, the answer is making an important discovery, because those rankings measure the influence of research findings. This distinction... Read more

  • Concerns About the Topic "Communicable Diseases"

    In 2020 the topic “Communicable Diseases” gained great attention on Expertscape, for obvious reasons. This month we have added warnings to that topic, to encourage visitors to choose a different topic. These warnings stem from the way the US National Library of Medicine (NLM) has defined “commnicable diseases” in its... Read more

  • Ask the Expert: UC Irvine Medical Center's COVID-19 Response

    With the United States facing a new and increasing wave of cases, we took time to speak with Alpesh Amin, MD, MBA of the University of California Irvine Medical Center about their early experience with COVID-19. Dr. Amin is the Chair of Medicine, Executive Director of Hospital Medicine and Professor... Read more

  • Ask the Expert: Glaucoma

    Expertscape is pleased to speak with Robert Weinreb, MD, an Expertscape World Expert in numerous ophthalmology topics, and specifically in glaucoma. Dr. Weinreb is the Director of the Shiley Eye Institute and also Chair & Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. In... Read more

  • Ask the Expert: Preventive Cardiology and Women's Health

    This week, Expertscape had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Erin Michos, who happens to be an Expertscape World Expert across an impressive array of cardiology and health topics. Dr. Michos is the Director of Women’s Cardiovascular Health and Associate Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of... Read more